Multi-Family & Mixed-Use

Mixed-use and multi-family projects can be some of the most complex to design and also present unique challenges resulting from the merging of energetic, vibrant and lively spaces with relaxed, peaceful, quiet spaces. In a mixed use project, a variety of commercial or even light industrial tenants can occupy the same building as multi-family residential or hospitality functions. A space designed for a quiet gallery, small office, coffee shop or yoga studio can often be changed to a restaurant occupant, outfitted with sound system and large high pressure kitchen exhaust systems or THX cinemas and even bowling alleys. Additionally, HVAC equipment serving lower floor commercial tenants is often placed on the roof above high end residential units with the most discerning of owners. The architect has to design the commercial spaces to accommodate a variety of tenants that could change from year to year.

Attempting to repair acoustical concerns in mixed-use buildings after they have been built and occupied can be difficult and costly. JCK Acoustics Group works closely with the design and construction teams to ensure a successful project, whether it is new construction or upgrading an existing property. When early in the design process, the expense of designing for acceptable acoustic performance can be reduced. However, depending on the space functions and intended acoustic quality, slightly higher initial costs may occur; however, the cost to rectify such problems after the fact is always greater.

JCK Acoustics Group is frequently hired to do site studies to guarantee that mixed-use developments blend in with their surroundings. Our skilled consultants examine and forecast potential noise issues in mixed-use developments, examining the impact that entertainment, retail, commercial, and other spaces will have on one another and on adjoining spaces. We assess the possible influence of building systems, tenant venues, traffic, and other noise and vibration sources, and then create realistic solutions that are appropriate for each function. Lastly, we assist in ensuring that all applicable local and regional municipal, county, and state noise restrictions and ordinances are met.


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