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Office acoustics have a direct impact on employees' productivity, with workplace studies identifying noise as the biggest distraction. Concerns over the confidentiality of office speech have increased recently as a result of open workstation designs. In order to create office and work spaces that support performance, productivity, and collaborative workplace goals, JCK Acoustics Group collaborates with architects and interior designers to control acoustic isolation and quality.

We offer acoustical consulting and solutions for open and closed office designs in new construction, renovations, and retrofit projects. Our integrated design process considers functional spaces, ceilings, wall and floor materials to create tailored acoustical solutions. We take into account workplace use, zones, the desired level of teamwork and employee interaction, and speech privacy/confidentiality requirements when evaluating office acoustics. Other factors to consider include noise from building systems, exterior sources such as traffic and also paging systems.

For existing and new workplaces, we use the latest in acoustical modeling tools to accurately predict and evaluate office spaces during the design stages. We analyze the acoustics of both new and existing offices to find solutions for acoustic issues using our acoustic testing equipment and predictive modeling.


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