Welcome to JCK Acoustics Group, where our experience in noise control and acoustic consulting is used to help create quiet, functional surroundings. We are one of the leading international noise control & acoustic consulting firms with locations in Seattle and Shanghai with additional representative locations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Our purpose is to help bring the concept of quiet quality through design, engineering and testing to the places people work, play, sleep, learn and recover. At JCK Acoustics Group we assist in developing unique solutions to sound isolation, sound quality and other noise related issues with either prevention or cure. We enjoy teaming with projects small or large with some of the worlds leading developers and designers.

We are prepared with the latest equipment and software to conduct anything from basic testing to extensive acoustic design projects. Our process is to work closely with you as an integrated member of your design team from concept to occupancy. Through coordinated design, specifications, inspections, and testing, we will ensure that the final product satisfies all expectations.

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The following are examples of projects recently completed or currently in progress.
For further information or a complete portfolio, please contact us.

Club Med Hotel and Fraser Apartments in Nanjing, China

Club Med Daputang

Nanjing, China

Club Med Joyview Heilongtan

Club Med Joyview

Heilongtan, China

Nolen PLace Luxury Residences in Charlotte, NC

Nolen Place

Charlotte, North Carolina


In 2011, we initiated our hotel noise survey with a focus on responses to noise, aiming to determine its impact on the guest experience. What began in Shanghai, China, as a survey to better understand hotel noise and guest satisfaction in a new market quickly gained momentum. We successfully completed a guest satisfaction survey for 100 hotels in Shanghai area and around China. This accomplishment encouraged us to expand our reach. Since then, our survey evolved into a much broader effort, encompassing different regions worldwide. We strive to gain comprehensive insights into the factors influencing guest satisfaction, determine the cause of noise issues and enhance the overall guest experience by including hotel facilities in the U.S., Hong Kong, Europe, and the U.K.

Our subjective guest satifaction survey, once our original goals were completed, was followed with an objective test & measurement survey on existing hotel facilities. In general, we volunteered our time to visit on site to conduct a series of measurements, observations and inspections. Measurements included sound isolation between guest rooms, environmental noise monitoring, background noise and reverberation time. During our visit we also interviewed hotel managers and reception staff to inquire about their experience with potenaitl nosie related guest complaints.

If your hotel would like to take part in our survey, please send us a message to learn more.
All information and reporting is of course treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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