School Acoustics

Acoustics in classrooms are directly correlated to student learning and comprehension, with studies suggesting deficient classroom acoustics effecting speech intelligibility and hearing as much as 25 percent. Educators are increasingly recognizing the need for improved classroom acoustics in new and existing facilities.

Standards and guidelines have been established that aim to better the acoustic environment with the goal to help students receive the best education possible. These standards have been developed by ANSI and adopted by LEED for schools to help achieve optimum learning environments by reducing noise from adjacent learning spaces in addition to lowering noise from the outside environment. The standards specifically address the sound isolation performance of walls between classrooms and also establish acceptable background noise levels from HVAC systems. Reverberation times are also discussed which aim to increase the ability to clearly understand speech.

We have the necessary experience to evaluate all acoustic issues in schools providing effective solutions. We have been involved in many projects where we have developed solutions that have been integrated with the architectural and structural components. Solutions have included structural perforated metal decks or operable partitions that solve interior room acoustics with minimal cost of treatment.

At JCK Acoustics Group we have extensive experience with K-12 schools, developing solutions for classrooms, libraries, gymnasia, cafeterias, assembly halls, media centers, performance center and multi-purpose rooms. We understand the requirements for background noise, reverberation, and other descriptors in addition to how to optimize classroom signal to noise ratios for optimum speech intelligibility. Our Shanghai and Seattle Acoustics consultants are knowledgeable of industry standards and guidelines such as WELL and LEED for schools and other higher performance criteria for acoustic performance.


The following are examples of projects currently in progress. For further information or a complete portfolio, please contact us.

Epiphany School

Seattle, WA

Wellington College

Shanghai, China

Nolen Place

Charlotte, North Carolina