About JCK Acoustics

JCK Acoustics Group is a boutique international acoustic consulting & noise control engineering firm with office locations in Seattle and Shanghai. We specialize in architectural acoustics, building systems noise and vibration control, environmental noise and audio/video system design providing a practical approach to a vast range of acoustic issues, resolving them with either prevention or cure. With locations in U.S. and China, our team is capable of assisting clients wherever the project may take us. Our expertise includes projects across the U.S., Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

JCK Acoustics Group, Noise Control and Acoustic Design Consulting

What we do

We provide solutions! As consultants, our strength is in our solutions and the ability to implement them. We don’t just issue reports, we are also involved during construction. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solution to your project. Many common noise issues can be avoided with simply space planning. We often review preliminary layouts during concept/schematic phases offering space planning and line marking to avoid issues later in design. During the design phases we will provide engineered acoustic and noise control solutions, assist in reviewing material selections and aiding in the Value engineering process. Most solutions can be solved with typical building materials. As such, our first efforts are to reduce cost and maintain acoustic performance with the use of non-proprietary materials. When needed we will call for and specific a material based on performance and cost.

JCK Acoustics Group, Noise Control and Acoustic Design Consulting

Green Building and Sustainability

While we may aim to pursue sustainable design or green building compliance strategies on all of our projects, certification and compliance may not always be appropriate. Often times, implementing criteria from LEED or other ratings systems can be included in design without the intent of certification. Alternatively, these strategies can be implemented as a basis of good design practice. At JCK Acoustics Group, we are fully versed with many of the successful international rating programs such as LEED, WELL, Green Star, Green Globe, BREEAM, China 3 Star, GRIHA and others. We make every effort to include these design standards in our acoustic and noise control design when possible. We review material submittals for compliance and generate specifications to include green products

Where we Work . . .

We go where our clients need us. Over the years, we have been involved with projects internationally in over 15 countries. With the use of technoclogy and coordination with our partners, our acoustics consultant team can assist anywhere.