Hotel Noise Survey

What originally started as a survey to better understand hotel noise and guest satisfaction in a new market, has evolved into a much broader effort across different regions around the globe. Our hotel noise survey began in Shanghai, China to determine the extent that noise is a factor to the guest experience. In 2011 we initiated this survey focusing on guest responses to noise. After receiving input from thousands of responses, we have been able to . . . A guest satisfaction survey had been completed for 100 hotels in the Shanghai area. This quickly grew to include hotel facilities in the U.S., Hong Kong, Europe and the U.K.

Our subjective guest satifaction survey, once our original goals were completed, was followed with an objective test & measurement survey on existing hotel facilities. In general, we volunteered our time to visit on site to conduct a series of measurements, observations and inspections. Measurements included sound isolation between guest rooms, environmental noise monitoring, background noise and reverberation time. During our visit we also interviewed hotel managers and reception staff to inquire about their experience with potenaitl nosie related guest complaints.

If your hotel would like to take part in our survey, please send us a message to learn more. All information and reporting is of course treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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