Bloomberg Headquarters

Shanghai, China

This is a tenant expansion of an existing space located in the IFC Tower in Lujiazui, Pudong Shanghai.
As part of the epxansion and renovation a conference room had been located adjacent to the server room. On the opposite side of the share wall is located an existing CRAC unit that is generating noise and vibration that can be felt and heard. JCK Acoustics Group was engaged to analyze the condition and provide provide solutions that would not require the relocation of the CRAC unit or require additional space planning to relocate the conference room.
Measurements were acquired of the CRAC unit and sound transmission performance of the existing wall assembly were conducted. Based on the measurements, it was possible to determine the performance increase required of ghe separating wall. Details werew provided to the client and included in the submitted drawings to the contractor. Inspections were conducted during construction. Final performance measurements indicated the design goals were achieved for conference room spaces. Vibration could no longer be felt. Background noise resulted in achieving a level of < NC 30.